albert linsdell

Personal Trainer, Performance Coach,

Professional Dancer & Musical Theatre Performer,

Content Creator.



BA (Hons) Musical Theatre

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach

Level 2 Exercise to Music Instructor

Level 3 First Aid

My Story

Hello there! Let me introduce myself, my name is Albert Linsdell. I am a Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer, Professional Dancer and Musical Theatre Performer, and #1 rated Cook… well in my kitchen at least! In 2016 I graduated from Arts Educational Schools London with a degree in Musical Theatre and completed my Level 3 PT. Since then I have worked as a PT and performed in various musicals, pantomimes and shows around the UK and at Sea.

I love sharing my passion for fitness and healthy living with others. Since qualifying as a Personal Trainer, I have performed over 4000 PT sessions in person and online. I take pride in being a highly driven, outgoing, and personable personal trainer. I specialise in working with high-end businesspeople, celebrity clients and West end performers. I have been able to create a range of flexible and highly effective training programmes for these busy individuals. By combining in-person training with online training sessions I can keep my clients active wherever they may be in the world.

In 2019 I created the ‘Fitness with Albert’ YouTube Channel so that I could share fitness related content, not only with my clients but with everyone – For FREE! I know that having a personal trainer is a luxury that not everyone can afford, but I believe that everyone should have access to the tools and knowledge to live a fit and healthy life.  Each week I post new content covering a wide range of topics. So, whether you are a 20-year-old amateur bodybuilder, a 40-year-old businessperson looking to survive the work annual 10k run, or a retiree looking to stay active into your 70’s and beyond, there’ll be something for you. The content is there to help you! If you have any questions, or topics you would like me to cover, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

One of the best things about being a coach is getting to meet new people every day and being able to help them achieve their goals. I regularly encounter new challenges that require me to broaden my knowledge, helping me be the best trainer for you. Over my time as a PT there has been a lot of sweat, a few swear words (…from clients), but also countless laughs and memories that will always stay with me! I cannot wait to get started helping you on your fitness journey and look forward to us working together!

Thank you all!

Best Wishes,